Saturday, February 19, 2011

Programming Languages

Alright, first post on my new blog! I decided to make a new one rather than use my old one. Anyway, that being said, lets talk programming languages!

So lately, I've been looking into new languages to learn, most notably python and perl. Usually, I do everything in C#, and I also have experience in dissecting C/C++ code and porting it to something else, but there's just something about python.

So, I'll say, while I still prefer C# for doing stuff, I have to say, python is a neat little language to learn. The syntax is amazingly simple, and you'll quickly notice that the amount of work you'd do in something like C# can be achieved in less lines of code in python. For example, I wrote an IRC bot for C# , that basically just connects, and can print lines to the terminal, and then I wrote it in python as well, and it probably took about 1/3 - 2/3 less lines than it would in C#.

My biggest pitfall with python though, is that I've only been working with it for a short period of time, and I don't really know all of the common functions, so I find myself looking a lot of things up, not to mention I'm still trying to figure out how threading works in python. I'm sure I'll get it eventually, but for now, I think I'll keep to C# for my windows programming, and do python stuff on the linux side of things!

On another note, (not really related to anything written) if you're someone who likes IRC, catch me on my network at #nekoarcnetwork (my nick is rayZor_ , and I'm usually around).

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  1. I've just recently started to learn how to code, its challenging and fun. Know any good places to learn online?

  2. Well, google is a good resource obviously :P
    But stackoverflow is a good site, as well as codeproject. Those are the main two I look at. But there's many more. My suggestion is, for learning, start one a small project, and try to write it, and if you get stuck on something, do a google for what you need. Look at code examples, and try re-writing them a different way. You should be able to learn a language in no time ;)

  3. If you like Python's syntax you should try Ruby. I've taught my little sister how to do the simple math and variable parts of it already. It's really easy to pickup and learn.

  4. I've tried ruby, though I don't really like it. It teaches bad practices, and it's relatively slow compared to other languages. Still fun to mess around with though.